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Antagonistic Races

Antagonistic Races do not simply share their heritage or background: they differ from each other significantly. What connects them rather is their attitude to society and life - they often live in barbarity, cooperate to take what they want from civilised people and consider violence a completely normal part of life, glorifying it among themselves. They are often formidable warriors used to tribal tactics and raiding. They are native to Nelanther Isles - and thus to Vidal: arranging their mountain-homes or lairs within different parts of the island since long centuries. While they are more prone to being slain in action by vengeful adventurers, they possess skills that compensate this hostility they evoke in others - really making them foes to be considered.


This race is NOT prone to being killed although they still can be a target of possible AoS.


Known for their mischievous nature and diminutive stature, goblins embody both cunning and chaos. With their small frames, sly grins, and beady eyes, they are often underestimated, but their resourcefulness and adaptability make them surprisingly formidable adversaries. Goblins thrive in diverse environments, using their nimbleness and knack for invention to survive and thrive in the face of adversity.

Despite their small size, goblins possess a natural agility and quick reflexes that allow them to maneuver swiftly in combat. They may lack raw physical strength, but their dexterity and evasive skills make them elusive targets, able to dodge attacks and strike with surprising precision.

While goblins may be driven by self-interest and a penchant for mischief, they can also form tight-knit communities and fiercely loyal alliances. Their ability to work together and leverage their collective intelligence can make them a formidable force to reckon with.

Goblin receives following attributes and skills:

Dexterity +3
Intelligence -1

  • Sleight of Hand +1

  • Stealth +1

Goblin Racial Feature:

Goblins Strong Together - Whenever Goblin takes part in a battle along with other Goblinoids they receive +2 Attack Bonus. 

This bonus does not stack.

If Goblin is fighting alone, they receive -1 Attack Bonus penalty.


This race is prone to being killed.

Available slots may vary depending on server population as well as timezones. 


Revered as the esteemed leaders within the goblinoid society, hobgoblins emanate an aura of disciplined authority and strategic ingenuity. With their imposing stature, weathered countenances, and tactical brilliance, they command reverence on the battlefield. Hobgoblins possess an impressive fusion of physical prowess and intellectual acumen, making them formidable warriors and astute commanders.

Blessed with innate strength and enduring resilience, hobgoblins prove themselves as formidable combatants. Their rigorous training and unyielding determination enable them to unleash devastating assaults and endure punishing strikes. Their martial expertise, coupled with an astute understanding of warfare, allows them to maneuver the battlefield with calculated precision, exploiting vulnerabilities in their adversaries' defenses.

Hobgoblin receives following attributes and skills:

Constitution +1
Intelligence +2

Wisdom +1

Charisma -1

  • Survival +1

  • Insight -1

  • Willpower +1

Hobgoblin Racial Feature:

Goblinoid Leadership - Whenever a Hobgoblin is participating in combat with other Goblinoids on their side, they can rally their allies granting them all +1 to all Saving Throws until the end of combat OR when Hobgoblin is downed.

Thanks to their position in society of Goblinoids, they receive additional perk: 

Respected Authority - Hobgoblin receives +5 to Persuasion rolls against other Goblinoids, additionally affected Goblinoids should feel more inclined to listen to Hobgoblins' commands as they possess valuable knowledge that is often not accessible to other Goblinoids.


This race is prone to being killed.

Available slots may vary depending on server population as well as timezones. 


Infamous for their savage and belligerent nature, bugbears are physically violent creatures that defy attempts at reason. With their hulking frames, menacing appearance, and sharpened claws, they strike terror into the hearts of those who encounter them. Bugbears embody raw aggression and uncontrollable ferocity.

Endowed with immense physical strength and a penchant for brutality, bugbears are the most dangerous warriors among goblinoids. Their powerful muscles allow them to deliver bone-crushing blows, capable of overwhelming even the most resilient opponents. Their primal instincts drive them to engage in violent confrontations, rarely showing mercy or restraint.

Bugbears have an inherent aversion to negotiation or peaceful resolution, relying solely on their aggressive tendencies. Reasoning with them is an exercise in futility, as their minds are consumed by a relentless desire for domination and the thrill of battle. Their sheer brutality and lack of restraint make them unpredictable and exceptionally dangerous adversaries.

Bugbear receives following attributes and skills:

Strength +2

Dexterity +2
Constitution +1
Intelligence -2

  • Intimidation: STR +1

  • Stealth +2

  • Willpower -1

  • Survival +1

Bugbear Racial Feature: 

Ferocious Leap - Once per Long Rest, a Bugbear is able to make three tiles leap, ignoring difficult terrain in their path. This can be used as a climbing method without movement penalty for climbing.

Additionally due to their violent nature they receive a perk:

Diplomacy means angry - Bugbear is immune to Persuasion rolls by non-goblinoid race.

Any attempt to deescalate conflict through persuasion/diplomacy means will force Bugbear to make Willpower check (15). If failed, Bugbear is forced to declare PvP Intent - unless seriously outnumbered or wounded (3:1). 
If PvP intent is dropped, Bugbear receives +5 to their initiative roll.


This race is NOT prone to being killed although they still can be a target of possible AoS.


Orcs are a race of formidable creatures, renowned for their unbridled ferocity and relentless drive. With their imposing stature, rugged features, and piercing gaze, they command attention wherever they go. Orcs possess an innate affinity for combat and an indomitable spirit.

Their muscular frames and sinewy build allow them to wield weapons with deadly precision, delivering devastating blows. Orcs are known for their endurance, enduring wounds and hardships that would break the spirit of lesser beings.

Driven by an insatiable thirst for conquest and power, Orcs thrive in harsh environments, adapting to the most inhospitable of conditions. They possess an instinctual understanding of warfare, utilizing cunning tactics and displaying an uncanny intuition on the battlefield. Orcs charge into combat with unyielding bravery, fearlessly facing their foes head-on.

Orc receives following attributes and skills:

Strength +1
Constitution +2
Intelligence -1

  • Intimidation: STR +1

  • Fortitude +1

Orc Racial Feature: 

Boiling Blood - Whenever an Orc drops below 50% HP as a result of direct hit, bloodlust takes over their actions - they gain +2 Attack Bonus. Boiling Blood passes whenever the Orc returns to sufficient pool of HP - or finishes combat. Starting combat below 50% HP does not automatically trigger Boiling Blood - it requires being hit directly; friendly fire does not activate Boiling Blood ability.


This race is prone to being killed.

Available slots may vary depending on server population as well as timezones. 


Ogres are colossal humanoid creatures, characterized by their towering stature, brawny physique, and menacing countenance. Their imposing presence instills fear and awe in those who cross their path. Ogres possess an unparalleled physical might, renowned for their immense strength and formidable combat prowess.

With their hulking frames and bulging muscles, Ogres dominate the battlefield, wielding their power to devastating effect. Their sheer size and brutish force make them natural juggernauts, capable of inflicting substantial damage with their powerful strikes. Ogres are also known for their incredible endurance, shrugging off wounds that would cripple lesser beings.


While Ogres are often perceived as simple-minded and savage, beneath their fierce exterior lies a primitive cunning. They possess a raw intuition and a primal instinct that guides their actions. Ogres rely on their instincts to survive and thrive in their harsh environments, using their brute strength to establish dominance over others.

Ogre receives following attributes and skills:

Strength +3
Dexterity -1
Constitution +3
Intelligence -1

  • Intimidation: STR +2

  • Breaching +3

  • Deduction -2

Ogre Racial Feature: 

Mighty Stomp - Once per Long Rest, an Ogre can perform a Mighty Stomp: that moves the ground and has a chance to knock enemies around off their feet in range of three tiles. Targets are forced to make a Dexterity vs Ogre's Strength Check and upon failure, they are knocked Prone - and take 2d8 damage. Upon successful resist, they still take 1d8 damage.


This race is prone to being killed.

Available slots may vary depending on server population as well as timezones. 


Minotaurs are formidable humanoid creatures with the head and horns of a bull atop a powerful and muscular body. They possess a primal ferocity and imposing presence that demands respect. Known for their unpredictable temperament, Minotaurs are often feared for their aggressive nature and ability to unleash devastating charges.


With their bovine heritage, Minotaurs possess heightened senses, including exceptional hearing and an acute sense of smell. Their innate strength and physical prowess make them formidable warriors, excelling in close combat.


 Driven by an instinctual sense of survival and dominance, Minotaurs often embrace challenges and seek out opportunities to prove their strength. They value personal achievement and strive to establish themselves as formidable individuals in their respective communities.

Minotaur receives following attributes and skills:

Strength +2
Dexterity +1
Constitution +3
Intelligence -1

Charisma -1

  • Intimidation: STR +2

  • Athletics +1

  • Willpower -1


Minotaur Racial Feature: 

Crippling Roar - Once per Long Rest, a Minotaur can let out a fearsome roar: that affects target of his choice and its closest allies - in distance of two tiles. Targets are forced to make a Wisdom vs Strength check and upon failure, they are Frightened and their Wisdom attribute is lowered by 1 for the duration of the combat. Additionally, main target of the roar loses 1 tile of Movement until the combat ends.

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