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On Tierra Nueva we have three types of curses: Minor, Major and Grevious. While all of them have effect on RolePlay, they also have effect on Player’s Character dice values. Before you progress to the Curse Chart, please take a moment to read about the Curse System Ritual that we will stick to. 


Curses, dice values and checks 

Having in mind that there are three types of curses, each of them will have a Success check, values for respective levels you will find below, and a final Knowledge: Arcana check. 


Minor Curse check: 10
Major Curse check: 15
Grievous Curse check: 18

Check types might depend on the type of curse or Caster’s Class.
Significant failures might result in unpredictable consequences. 

Knowledge: Arcana check determines the die a Player Character removing the curse will have to match in order to free the character that was cursed.

How curses can be applied?

Curses can be applied in two ways: as indirect Ritual or as an after-combat consequence. 

Curse that is applied as an after-combat consequence is free from Success check. It is applied to the target of the caster's choice with no possibility of failures, however no other consequences can be applied then.

Indirect application of a curse will require two things: a proof of RP that led to the decision of bestowing a curse or proof of ongoing conflict between two parties; and a biological sample of the target or their personal belonging. Acquiring samples or personal belongings has to be documented within the Minstrel Ticket along with the rest of the ritual.

Minor Curses require any of: personal belongings
Major Curses require any of: hair, clipped nail, patch of a skin, blood
Grievous Curses require any of: blood, limb


Minor Curses

Inverted Coloration


The character’s skin, hair, eyes and possessions all invert their coloration to the opposite hue.


Ingredients: TBA

Uncontrollable Yelling


The character can only speak by shouting and being as loud as possible.


Ingredients: TBA

Unending Cockiness


The character feels an irresistibile need to insult anyone they’re dealing with, regardless of the character’s intentions or actual message they’re trying to convey.


Ingredients: TBA

Horrible Body Odor


The character begins to suffer from a sweaty, nasty odor that cannot be washed off or covered up. Everyone around them will find it disgusting, regardless of race or hygienic standards.


Ingredients: TBA


Major Curses

-1 to all attributes

No Common Sense


Character engages in risk-taking behavior as if he or she has no common sense (such as putting their hand in an alligator's mouth, etc). Character makes all rolls necessary for his or her actions, and should be encouraged to roleplay this curse if suffering it.


Ingredients: TBA

Common Amnesia


The character can’t speak in Common anymore, only other languages or through gestures.


Ingredients: TBA

Horrible Migraines


Whenever the character has to make any intellectual effort past the most basic human functions, they suffer a piercing headache that can interrupt the action and discourage the character from even trying the same thing again if they fail a willpower roll. 


Ingredients: TBA

Oily sweat


Any physical exercise will make the character sweat a very slick, slippery substance, which can make them trip every so often.


Ingredients: TBA



The character is afflicted by voices they can only hear that may try to impede any actions or generally just mess with the character’s mental health.


Ingredients: TBA

Innocent Naivety


The afflicted considers most people he meets as their friends, or otherwise as a non-threat, no matter who or what they are.


Ingredients: TBA

Persecutory Notion


The cursed one thinks everyone is unto him, and no matter who it is, they won’t fully trust even their own family.


Ingredients: TBA

Slippery Mind


The character can’t really focus on the same person or task for too long, quickly losing interest on it to focus on something else.


Ingredients: TBA



This curse suppresses the emotions of the target and leaves him cold, dispassionate, and nearly robotic in all its interactions. It gains immunity to being frightened.


Ingredients: TBA


Grievous Curses

-2 to all attributes



The character becomes magically muted. They can only speak through gestures or written means.


Ingredients: TBA

Broken Bones


This necrotic contamination curse causes the bones of all living creatures to become brittle. Target receives Bludgeoning Damage vulnerability.

Ingredients: TBA

Hatemonger’s Halo


The target is invested with a deep-seated hatred towards all creatures of a certain type, or a specific and distinct group such as members of a particular ethnic group or religion.


Ingredients: TBA

Flesh Infestation


The accursed suffers a necrotic infestation in their bodies, weakening them and making them horribly disgusting to behold, as well as taking extra Necrotic Damage due to the fragility of their rotting bodies.


Ingredients: TBA

Insidious Insomnia


The target has great difficulty falling asleep, causing a slow but steady erosion of its mind and body as mental and physical exhaustion take their toll. Target receives vulnerability to Psychic Damage.


Ingredients: TBA



The target’s eyes become entirely black. The target also becomes completely blind in areas of bright light or normal light, while treating areas of dim light and darkness (including magical darkness) as if it were dim light.


Ingredients: TBA

Extreme Exertion


The character becomes physically unable to do any kind of exercise, and even walking is felt as a great effort. Target receives vulnerability to Slashing, Piercing and Bludgeoning Damage.


Ingredients: TBA

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