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Eldritch Knight Spell List

Below you can find list of spells that you can add to your repertoire. Remember that you can select spells on Novice, Practitioner and Expert. You can only select spells that you have Spell Slots for.

For descriptions and values refer to Wizard's Spells


Level 1 Spells (Novice)

  • Shield

  • Magic Missiles

  • Burning Hands

Level 2 Spells (Practitioner)

  • Aganazzar’s Scorcher

  • Mental Barrier

  • Scorching Ray

  • Shatter

Level 3 Spells (Practitioner&Expert)

  • Intellect Fortress

  • Fireball

  • Lightning Bolt

  • Melf’s Minute Meteors

Level 4 Spells (Expert)

  • Banishment

  • Sickening Radiance

  • Stoneskin

  • Fire Shield

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