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Below you can find a list of Professions that players can pick from while playing on Tierra Nueva. Each Profession is unique and serves as both: gatherer that can supply others, and has its own necessary role in each stage of gameplay you will experience. 



Apothecary on Vidal is a connection between a Herbalist, that supplies themselves (and others) in ingredients, and an Alchemist, that can brew useful concoctions. Player picking an Apothecary can be either a great friend, or a dangerous foe as some of his brewings can prove to be deadly dangerous. This profession suits well people that can delve into themes of healing and protection, but dedicated Apothecary can be aid to any group of troublemakers.



Chef on Tierra Nueva is located in an unique place. Their meals can be a great reason for them to be kidnapped, or perhaps even to be hired by more demanding invdividuals that dream to be fed like a King should. They can afford basic ingredients for themselves, and others. The ingredients are ranging from very rare to relatively common, so that each meal can be unique just like Chefs are. This profession suits well people that often interact with others and are not afraid to engage into conversations even in the strangest places.



Enchanter on our server is kept how they should be: to be the ruler of the End Game; although that is not all. We did our best to arm our Enchanter in useful consumables that can rival with best concoctions of an Apothecary, and offer unique bonuses that improve ability of Magic users. This Profession is definitely favouring casters, as they can turn their own Spell Slots into ingredients necessary to enchant equippment of others, but who can deny a mighty barbarian?



Nelanther Isles aren't friends of many, but even strangest people can find home there. Jeweller is one of Professions to find home there; Vidal being wild and untamed is a source of rich ores and geodes, that can be refined by skilled hands to become something beautiful. Accessory making is what Jeweller specialises in, however their gemstones varying from uncommon to very rare are often source of magical properties so even despite their rarity and time they spent to refine them - this profession will be desired by players that seek to dwell into magic arts.



Hunters more often than not are connected to flora and fauna of the land they reside in. This Profession is one of the most flexible ones. Hunters are gatherers, armour and weapon crafters. The ingredients they gather are widely used by almost every other Profession, hence their presence can be considered quite crucial. Every hunter is an individual in their craft and on Tierra Nueva we tried to shape it that way. A player that picks Hunter as their Profession can be sure that they will find place for themselves regardless of the race or beliefs.



If being wanted is something player desires - they might consider becoming a Metalworker. This Profession is an unique connection between a Miner and a Blacksmith. Metalworkers are the only Profession able to utilise Iron and its properties, they are those that create tools and deadly weapons for brave warriors. Their role can never be replaced, however their capabilities extend far beyond being just a 'Blacksmith'. Goods they gather are often part of important recipes belonging to other Professions. Metalworker will be friend to a Jeweller, Apothecary and a Chef, and the best friend to Metalworker will be a Hunter or a Woodsman.




Do you like to swing heavy axe and you are not bothered by saw dust? Well, Woodsman has all of it - and more. Woodsman is also one of hybrids we've created, Carpenter as a crafter was never fully fulfilling and being a Lumberjack made you run around to advertise your wood. On Tierra Nueva we said: no more of that. This Profession is flexible enough to be self-sufficient crafter and provide ingredients to other Professions throughout the entirety of the game - from the beginning to the end. Spending time in the forest allowed them to get along with flower picking, they know how to gather various shrooms that are edible and ready to be put on a sandwich. Picking this Profession will guarantee you that whenever it is craft you want to specialise in, or a gathering, you will find a good balance in both.

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