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Server Rules

Below one can find Tierra Nueva's set of rules - that we all agree to follow for the sake of building a thriving and peaceful community. Adherence to them will be policed and any breach of those should be reported to Staff through a Moderator Ticket.


Discord Rules

Adhere to Discord Community Guidelines.

Needless to say, we would like to create a civilised space for players to interact with each other - while staying in check of Discord-imposed rules for communities. For the full list of guidelines check attached link; in short, members of Tierra Nueva community ought to:


  • Be respectful to others, do not purposefully cause distress in anybody, do not harass, bully or doxx others.


  • Address others appropriately, in a way that does not disrespect members of the community.


  • Keep the activity orderly, not engaging in spam, choosing appropriate channels for discussions and conversations.


  • Steer clear of shameful practices, such as stalking, blackmailing, nagging others, impersonating others or stubbornly sending unsolicited messages.

Adamantly avoid unlawful doings, such as posting content prohibited by law or blatantly infringing copyrights.

Golden rules for our users:


  1. Before you think about DMing someone: please ping them on public channels FIRST and ask if you can DM them.

  2. Do not impose yourself. Folks are free to choose who they are playing with. Keep it drama-free.

  3. Do not post meta content and spoilers; if you wish to post something that has other players’ created content in it, ask first.

  4. Avoid posting any NSFW content on Tierra Nueva’s Discord server. It is supposed to be a community hub - to arrange plays, communicate with others and to solve technical issues.

  5. Tierra Nueva is not a dating server, so while we encourage to build friendly relations - make sure that you do not go over board. 

  6. Do not ping Staff members unless you have permission.

  7. Players must be on our Discord in order to play on the server.

  8. Do not push delicate topics as IRL politics or religion. 

  9. Discord channels are not meant to serve trade purposes.


Keep to one Discord account!

Players are allowed only one (obligatory) Discord account, no matter how many characters they are looking forward to creating. 

To strengthen this rule, Double Counter is established.


Building Rules

 1. Every clan is allowed only one permanent dwelling.

Temporary camps might be constructed - as long as they are not in the close vicinity of any other builds and are removed within 48 hours of their creation.

 2. Buildings should be architecturally viable.

No senseless foundations stacking and overuse (no more than 3 foundations), no flying constructions, no sandstone constructions in the snow; buildings should fit their surroundings and be viable and realistic in their proportions. Constructions must be accessible.

 3. Building within sight/rendering range of other clans’ constructions is prohibited.

When building, choose unoccupied slots far from other clans’ rendering range. If the location is contested, the clan that was there first is always eligible to keep the location.

 4. Constructions must not block major paths - and shouldn’t be within sight/rendering range of Passages.

Player constructions should be built in respectful distance from Passages; they shouldn’t block any major passages.

1. Players cannot build in instanced locations. 
2. Players cannot build in close vicinity of Profession Tutors 
nor block access to them.

 5. Usage of ticking crafting stations is prohibited. 

Other ticking and lag-generating base-game or modded stations/ buildings are not allowed. In many cases they do have their equivalents and it is highly recommended to use these - non decorative ones will be removed if reported or seen by Staff.

 6. A clan is responsible for removal of its builds.

If the clan drops below a certain number of building pieces or desires to tear down an old construction, the responsibility to return to the limits and removal of old buildings lies solely on the clan.

Building censuses will be held monthly, and in case of incompatibilities: it is the clan leader’s role to provide an explanation and return within the limits. Constructions that don’t adhere to the rules will be fully deleted within 48 hours from finalisation of the census.

 7. No sister clans.

Increasing single build’s limits through grouping up a few more clans in a build - is against the rules. A building belongs to one clan. 

Although - as long as residents do not build within the clan’s confines, they might IC live within the place and be considered locals, without mechanical consequences to it.

 8. Locks limits and doors.

Each building might have up to three sets of doors leading outside - which might be locked. One set of doors inside the building might additionally be locked, serving as either a treasury or another important facility.

Hatches under rugs are not allowed. Unrealistic placement of locked containers is also forbidden.

 9. No thralls are allowed.

Use Thespians instead. At present point, if you would like to have a dog or other animal companion, open a ticket to request one. We love the fluffers.

 9.1. Each player can have up to one horse. If a clan is over the limit the horses will be glued to match the clan size.

 10. Do not use unpickable containers or doors. Do not store items behind inaccessible blocades.

Thievery exists, and is strictly controlled by the rules. Thus, in an effort to facilitate healthy gameplay, we do not allow usage of unpickable containers or doors on Tierra Nueva. Resources might be well-hidden and well-guarded, locked behind closed doors: but they might not be kept in places completely inaccessible to others.

 11. Clans take their building limits after individual players.

The maximum number of players in a faction is 12. Each player, in solo clan or as a member of a larger clan, adds 200 building pieces (1-8) and 400 building pieces (9-12), additionally each player adds 100 placeables to the clan’s building pool. Upon player’s leave, it is the clan's responsibility to adjust to the new building pool count.

Easy building pieces/placeables count for clan members:

Building Pieces:


































Clan BP Count

Community Rules

 1. Be an adult (18+).

Needless to say, Funcom’s Conan Exiles is a game where depictions of violence, scenes of sexual nature and darker themes are very frequent. You are only allowed to play on Tierra Nueva if you are legally an adult.

 2. Report the bugs. Do not abuse the systems.

Moderators of Tierra Nueva strive to keep the game balanced for everybody. Bug that helps you one day - might be troublesome to you the other. Report bugs on server’s Discord so that they can be fixed ASAP.

Failing to report bugs will result in disciplinary action, including removal from the community. If in doubt, it’s better to report: to make sure everything’s alright.

 3. Types of tickets on Tierra Nueva: 

There are four types of tickets, all with different purposes:


  • Whitelisting tickets - to create characters with the purpose of whitelisting, to make changes allowed during grace periods and to report possible changes in character looks.

  • Moderator tickets - to request assistance in game, with server issues, to ask for Staff moderation of combats, to report bugs and player behaviour.

  • Minstrel tickets - to pursue storylines and report rituals, to request support with player-led events, to pursue tracking, to ask for insight with lore and clarifications.

  • Owner tickets - to reach out to Owner if you feel that your matter is too delicate to be shared in a Moderator Ticket.

Suggestions are not to be shared through Tickets! There is a Suggestion Forum on Tierra Nueva Discord which should be the place where these should be published and discussed.

 4. All played characters must be whitelisted and in a clan.

To play on Tierra Nueva, players must first go through the whitelisting process, where specific information about the character they are going to play will be provided. This data is gathered solely for the use of Staff, and solely for matters connected with the server. All characters must belong to a clan, even if it is a solo clan.

 5. Rule interpretation and lawyering

When in doubt as to how to understand one of the Guidelines’ rules, ask members of Staff. In case they would be unclear, report it: they might be rewritten.

Do not engage in rule lawyering. Stubborn misinterpretation of the rules in question and misleading others, not working within the spirit of the rules, will be punished.

 6. Do not pursue blacklisted topics. 

These involve:

  • Pedophilia (no characters considered unadult are allowed, no scenes of sexual nature involving children are ever allowed; not even alleged or in FTB),

    • Female characters are allowed to become pregnant - albeit, this requires consent of both players upon conclusion of the scene.

    • Roleplaying scenes involving miscarriages or abortions is prohibited. These have to be done off screen, through shelving.

    • Roleplaying childbirth is not allowed. It has to be either done in FTB, or through shelving. Children are to be taken away from the isle of Vidal.

  • Necrophilia (no scenes of sexual nature involving corpses or remains are allowed; not even alleged or in FTB),

  • Bestiality (no scenes of sexual nature involving animals are allowed; not even alleged or in FTB. Player’s aren’t allowed to ERP in animal forms)


Anybody found failing to adhere to this rule will be immediately removed from the community without possibility of appeal or even a ticket.

 7. Tierra Nueva is a consent-based server.

… where player consent is first, above all. Behind every character is a player that desires to be respected. There are people of different backgrounds that might not desire participating in certain scenes - and it is to be taken into consideration. The Staff Team wants to create a comfortable place for people to play in, and this is why players can not force others into consequences that they do not wish for.

Excluded cons, as written in Rule #9, are to be FTB per request. If players can’t reach a compromise as to cons, they are to open a Moderator Ticket and get Staff to mediate the situation.


  • Do not pursue erotic scenes publically! Always make sure to find a private place and write on low-range channels. Others might not wish to be subjected to the scenes of explicit nature. ERP is allowed on Tierra Nueva, but as an element of wider roleplay, not as the goal.


 8. Sharing the contents of tickets is prohibited.

Moderator/Minstrel tickets will involve sensitive information about ongoing storylines, player situation, player reports and transgressions. Sharing them publicly is strongly prohibited because of repercussions it might bring for any parties and will be prosecuted.

9. Streaming is not allowed.

To preserve privacy of roleplay and avoid metagaming situations, we do not allow players to stream their gameplays nor share the videos that contain player characters’ emotes.

 10. Warning, Yellow Cards and Red Cards

On Tierra Nueva, we value transparency when it comes to keeping the community safe and the environment healthy. We've decided to embrace the system of yellow and red cards. Here’s how it works.


People who are found to break our rules and guidelines will be given a notice. Depending on the severity of the breach it can be either - unofficial warning, not published anywhere, a reminder that what they've done is not something we wish to see ever again, or a Yellow Card. Yellow Cards are given to public knowledge so that things are kept in order and members of the community are informed about the mishap. Yellow Cards are also a reminder to the player themselves that they're not adhering to rules they've accepted once they decided to play with us on Tierra Nueva.


There's one Yellow Card. If the same player is to be found in breach of our rules again, they receive a red card. Red Card is a ban. 

While we do believe that people can make mistakes, that at times situations are heated. We do not wish to harbour people who express repeated, toxic behaviour. This is why every ban we will administer is a permanent ban, there's no appeal.

 11. Player reporting.

Staff is on the players' side. Identity of players reporting others for whatever infringement will not be compromised. What is more, Tierra Nueva Staff encourages players to report unlawful and harmful behaviours so that the community can stay free of them.

In case of encountering dubious situations, rule-breaking, metagaming or other behaviour that is explicitly discouraged or prohibited by these guidelines, we recommend players to make screenshots of such occurrences. 

One thing should be clear - without providing screenshots of unlawful occurrences: every report becomes less believable. We encourage players to work with us on this. Reports without evidence should be a last resort.


Character Creation Rules

 1. Character's appearance must match Racial Guidelines.

The appearance of a character must match Tierra Nueva’s Racial Guidelines available on the website. We do not allow exceptions from this rule, nor creation of half-breeds that aren’t presently available to be played.


2. Do not create physically unrealistic characters.

DnD is a world of fantasy, but even this fantasy has to make some sense! This does involve prohibition of creating characters with the intention of bypassing the above rule. Limits on sliders will be included to ensure characters remain within limits of sensibility - to prevent creation of oversexualised characters.

 3. Realistic naming and no pop-culture references.

Characters ought to be named realistically, taking their personalia from the culture they’ve come from. In case they go solely by a pseudonym, their backstory should provide an explanation as to why.

Character names or surnames can not refer to pop-culture nor can be plagiarisation coming from other sources.

 4. Characters are deemed inactive after 14 days.

Inactive characters will be subjected to deletion. In case of solo clans, it will also result in removal of the construction. In this case, if the character wasn’t properly shelved, the player is ineligible to request return of any lost items or progress under any circumstances.

Players have the possibility to report their character’s Mastery Progression in a Moderator Ticket, so that if a character has to be restored in future, it can retain previous mastery.

 4.1 After leaving our Discord, players that are occupying limited slot race are immediately considered inactive hence the character is deleted and the slot is freed.

 5. Shelving, unshelving, rerolling and grace periods.

Players have the right to shelve a maximum of one character for whatever reason which they don’t need to disclose. There are to be proper shelving procedures established on Tierra Nueva’s Discord, with a set time of 24 hours during which a shelf/reroll might be contested - if the character is in conflict, a part of a significant storyline or for whatever other important reason. 

Unshelving of characters can be done through a Whitelist ticket after having shelved or rerolled the previous character completely. Unshelved characters retain all saved items, masteries and currency. They do not, however, retain their stored Mastery Experience.

Rerolling a character completely doesn’t require informing Staff of achieved masteries, currencies or possessed items, but a player still needs to post in an appropriate Discord channel and undergo a 24 hours possible contest period.

There is a set time-lock between rerolls:

  • A grace period of three days is given to a player creating a character - during which the character might change class, subclass, profession, background, gender, name or/and attribute allocation.

  • First reroll or shelving of a character is available to players who haven’t done that earlier after two weeks. It works like a normal reroll.

  • Every other reroll or shelving of a character is time-locked behind a 1 month cooldown.

 5.1 Characters cannot be Shelved or Rerolled during conflict. The parties have to resolve the conflict through RP or find common ground through OOC communication. If Reroll will be successfully contested even though the Player claimed that the Character is not in conflict, the Player will be held accountable. 

6. Reasonable allocation of skills.

During creation of a character, single Skill cannot be above 10. This rule exists to prevent unnecessary min-maxing.

Character Creation

Roleplay Rules and Etiquette

 1. Tierra Nueva is a fully dice-based server.

The only approved way of resolving conflicts - checks and PvP - is through the dice system implemented through the usage of RPR. Mechanical combat or any kind of off-game resolutions aren’t allowed, and can’t serve as sources for character development. Consequences might not be based on a non-dice system of resolution.

2. Local Channel is the main means of information passage.

In-Game’s Local Channel serves the purpose of emoting, conversing with other characters and performing IC actions. Global and Clan channels serve OOC purposes and might not be treated as means to convey binding actions.

  • At their own discretion, players engaging in NSFW plays: might consider using the /Channel option as an alternative to using low-range communication.

 3. IC and OOC.

In-Game, your character is always IC - excluding the spawn area and nearest vicinity of Passages. Do not interact ICly with people there! Wait until they move away - or encourage them to do it if you are both willing to play!

 4. RP Avoidance is prohobited and frowned upon.

To ensure an honest and believable roleplaying environment, we do not allow instances of RP avoidance - everybody the Player Character meets in the world ought to be acknowledged and interacted with accordingly during the scene. Heading away without giving a chance to respond, logging off during scene or combat, or taking a route to specifically avoid a Player Character: all counts as RP avoidance.

 5. Meta-prevention, roleplaying realism and no blending.

Walls exist - preventing hearing some things. Even if conversation pops up on chat, if a player character isn’t present during it - remains outside, sneaks around or watches from afar - a perception roll ought to be made to determine whether it could be heard. Usual DC for this is 15.

In obvious situations, when the player watches from really close - this DC is reduced to 10.

 6. No PowerGaming. 

Players aren’t allowed to intrude into another Player Characters’ state or emotes while acting in a way that would imply that they managed to influence them somehow without rolling or mutual consent. This also means that players aren’t allowed to pick up others or perform RR/Devious Desires emotes in a way that can be considered non-consensual PowerGaming.

 7. The passage of time is: 2 week IRL = 1 month IG.

That makes an IRL day equal to 2 days of in-game time progression. It doesn’t need to be so in all cases, players are able to schedule meetings from day to day or mention the events of yesterday, yet for effective scheduling: this is the official timer.

 8. Clan names should be immersive.

Players aren’t required to comprehensively describe their clan within its name, but they must not have OOC names, ones inspired by pop-culture or contain any numerals and special signs.

They won’t be publicly visible, but Tierra Nueva strives to keep immersion both among players and its own Staff team.

 9. Entrance to walled or fenced settlements only through the gates or after successful climbing checks.

The fact that some settlements might be entered through jumping or cliffs or mountains: is a simple mechanical limitation in Conan Exiles. All unlawful attempts to reach /properly closed/ bases have to be documented: through lockpicking rolls and left PoI, then: ticketing it for Minstrels’ knowledge, through breaching and following the same procedure: or, through performing a climbing roll to get over an obstacle.

RP & Etiquette

Rituals & Events Guidelines

 1. Proper ritual conduct and failure chance.

Every ritual should be properly screenshotted - with timestamps on, rolls if they are necessary and full emotes: that are to be evaluated by Minstrels while judging the success. Proper ritual’s documentation is to be performed like this:


  • Type of ritual: <Religious/Arcane>

  • Name of ritual: <Off the list on the website>

  • Patron God: <In case of Religious ritual>

  • Desired Effect: <Off the list on the website, with pointing out the afflicted individuals if it’s the goal>

  • Background: <Description of anything that might be important for its performance - like, class/subclass and mastery level of Player Character performing it, additional participants, why is it being performed, on whom.>

  • Screenshots: <Of performed ritual: with rolls if necessary, with sacrifices and/or costs in form of screen of despawns from clan log>


Some rituals have a failure chance which is magnified if attempted by characters ill-prepared for it.

2. Custom rituals.

While ritualistic-spells are well-described on the website, Tierra Nueva’s Minstrel team is more than eager to participate in performing a custom ritual for a group of players! It might be requested by a group of at least three people, after a conversation about possible effects, its importance to the storyline and whatnot.


Custom rituals have a chance to fail, just like some other rituals.

 3. Concealment of details important to ritual-conduct.

Players need to share all relevant details with Minstrels while performing rituals. In case rituals require rolls, they should be attached with the rest of screenshots in a relevant ticket. Omitting important details, proven re-rolling to get desired effect or any other bad faith while performing these can lead to nullifying the ritual and further consequences.

 4. Rewarding rituals and events.

Performing complicated rituals and taking part in the life of community - or organising it, will be rewarded by Tierra Nueva Staff by redistributing additional Character Progression Marks, to further the development of the character. The amount will depend on the character's activity, but no more than three tokens per week of gameplay will be granted.

Rituals & Events

Conflict and PvP Guidelines

 1. Combat instancing.

Every combat is instanced unless all participants consent otherwise, even if one person says no, it means no. Bystanders, if they weren’t present upon declaration of PvP Intent, must swiftly leave the scene and might not possess the knowledge about it going on nor approach it until the consequence phase is over - and until five turns of emotes have been exchanged between those present at the battlefield.

2. Dice resolution of combat.

The only way to resolve a combat encounter is through Dice. Mechanical combat is disallowed and ought not be taken into any consideration. No hybrid resolutions are allowed, no out of game ways to resolve conflicts will be taken into consideration by Staff.

 3. Combat order.

Each combat consists of these phases: 


  • Declaring PvP Intent by the attacker, with options to PvP Join, PvP Observe for those unaligned with the defender, and PvP Surrender for the sides that wish to yield.

  • Self-buff Phase - every Player Character is eligible to use one ability granting them buffs for the duration of a few turns or entire combat - possibly spending a spell slot or class resources.

  • Initiative Phase - every active side of the combat needs to make use of Initiative Roll ability to establish the turn order during the combat.

  • Establish the Turn Order - before combat itself, a comprehensive list needs to be created: establishing an order for players taking their actions.

  • Combat Phase - usual combat activities take place here.

 4. Attack on Sight is not allowed on Tierra Nueva.

Every and each combat should be preceded with proper emoting, even arranged or between clearly hostile forces. In no situation is it allowed to drop PvP Intent in the first emote.

 5. Movement.

Generally, each character possesses 3 tiles of movement per turn unless racial perks or other sources grant them more. This movement is counted through RPR’s Movement statistic - and performed through usage of action in the RPR menu. It doesn’t need to be spent all at once - it can happen in multiple instances, before or after performing actions, bonus actions, reactions - but only during the Player Character’s turn.

Movement can only be performed in a straight line, without any turning in the midst of an instance of it: that is because RPR’s distance counting measures the distance from the initial point rather than total distance moved.

Some states or activities can reduce Movement or forbid a Player Character from moving during the turn. Climbing halves it for the duration of it (unless racial perks state otherwise), getting up after being knocked takes away half of the character's Movement that turn.

 5.1 Players that are mounted do not receive additional movement. If they are hit, they are immediately dismounted.

 6. Teleportation.

Teleportation isn’t regular movement - spells that allow a player to instantly move to a different place are still castable and take effect unless the player is bound by magical means. Any kind of movement impairment remains after Teleportation, e.g. a player doesn’t escape Bola or other impairing effect or debuff.

 7. Line of Sight is required for spellcasting and shooting.

LoS can be simplified as: ability to see the opponent by the Player Character. In case of any uncertainty: player is to change into First Person view and declare whether a character can really see the enemy.

 8. Activities taking a full pool of actions.

Switching weapons during combat takes a full pool of actions, but not bonus actions or movement. Switching armour during combat takes a full pool of actions, bonus actions and movement.

 9. After-combat consequences.

After the conclusion of the combat scene both parties have to agree upon suitable consequences. Among the basic consequences that might be imposed by the winning party are: wounding, left for dead and robbery. If the winning party did open a PK Ticket previously, had a considerate earlier story with the character and was given agreement by a Minstrel to conduct a Character Kill, the defeated party might also be executed. Any maiming also requires a Minstrel Ticket to proceed with.

Please note: possible PK should not be a common practice! It likely ends some story, and although there are means to resurrect a fallen companion on Tierra Nueva, they are madly expensive. PK won’t be given without extensive plays, multiple occasions of combat and/or significant story development.


As to any other consequences. No means no. If the defeated party does not consent to proposed consequences, it is a task of both the aggressor and the victim to find common ground. If such cannot be achieved - proceed to the Moderator ticket for staff to mediate. However, the victim can’t and shouldn't be forced to play something they do not wish - any attempt of forcing the defeated party to accept the consequences proposed by the aggressor that might be against their consent will be severely punished. Among consequences that need explicit consent are: kidnapping, enslaving, maiming, scarification, torture, violation and other that might involve any kind of distress or cause long-term effects.

Be mindful of the other player - behind every protagonist and antagonist there's a person who wants to rest after a hard day of work. If one forces consequences upon another Player Character, they must accept that similar consequences might be forced upon their Player Character at another date.

 10. Battlefield rule.

After every combat the aggressor party is supposed to leave PoI with their Discord tag and vague description of any discernible signs of combat - e.g. blood, footsteps, effects of spells or any other changes compared to the pre-combat state of the area.

Conflict & PvP

Tracking Rules

 1. How does tracking work

Basically, every break-in attempt, every combat, every spying activity that requires passage through somebody’s structures: obliges the player to leave a PoI - with the name of the character that’s responsible for it. That PoI can be used by up to three people to track that person. Time since the tracks are left determines the Difficulty Check of a tracking attempt. These are listed below:


Difficulty Checks:

Fresher than an hour - DC12

Between 1 hour and 4 hours - DC14

Between 5 hours and 8 hours - DC16

Between 9 hours and 16 hours - DC18

Between 17 hours and 24+ hours - DC20


A tracking PoI is valid for three days. After that it can be safely removed by anyone. Tracking attempts should be performed through Minstrel Tickets, with screenshot the initial PoI, tracking emote and tracking roll in one screenshot. 

Alternatively, after the third attempt, regardless if successful or not,  the PoI is supposed to be deleted by the tracking party and that is to be documented in the Ticket. 


 2. Further tracking.

After opening a Minstrel Ticket with initial success, Staff will contact the player who left the PoI asking for directions as to how to reach them. These need to be truthful for the directions a player took after leaving PoI. Only people that were already given first lead might track further.

Upon leaving the initial biome, the roll needs to be renewed by the tracking player for up to two more biomes. Then, even if the player traversed more areas before getting to their final destination, next instruction needs to lead there.

 3. Tracking deception and omission.

Any attempts of deceiving the Staff or the tracking party or omitting the searching party through metagaming knowledge will be met with a harsh punishment.


Thievery Rules

 1. Purpose of Thievery.

The main goal of Thievery is RP generation - but the practice is often questionable due to controversy and abuse of the system. On Tierra Nueva we will try to show an example of good, fair-play behaviour when it comes to thievery and robbery.

Important thing: keep things realistic. Player that has broken in, or attempted to - somebody's house, is less likely to return there soon. This is why the cooldown for breaking into the same place is 7 days, regardless of success. Violation will be punished in both OOC and IC as it is a clear display of No Value for Life.

 2. Limits for stealing.

During a successful break-in thief can take one of the following:

  • 10 Iomic Crystal Shards

  • Weapon or armour

  • 10 crafting ingredients (5 ores).


These are maximum values, we implore that players should perform these break-ins not with the intention of becoming wealthy (the island is isolated without an outside economy, why hoard?), but with the intention of creating a story related to it.


 3. Inaccessbility.

If a thief finds a container that is in an inaccessible place - or a building that has more than one set of doors locked inside - they can request help from Moderators. Upon confirmation, Player Character will be free to retrieve the haul without the need to lockpick the container or the additional doors.

 4. Documenting the theft.

The thief is supposed to leave PoI at the crime scene with the description of what is missing. Additionally, they have to make a Minstrel ticket and send a screenshot of said PoI with emotes they've written on the local chat, with an approximate location of the scene given.

 5. Containers. 

Every container emptied by players, regardless if it's open or not, is considered 'property'. Interactions with containers are supposed to be emoted. Any item that has been taken from a container is considered stolen so PoI and all Thievery rules apply. Trade that happens through chest/box usage is excluded. 

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